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Our super secure RFID / Geolocation / Eavesdrop removable pockets are now for sell!

The Gattopardo Tactical ultra secure removable RFID pocket is designed for keeping items such as credit cards, communication devices, GPS-locators and ID safe and secure.

It’s guaranteed that people cannot be geolocated, their movements or conversations captured and their ID compromised in anyway when used.

The Gattopardo hidden ultra secure RFID blocking pocket secure data from being accessed remotely and can be removed safely from place to place without give up privacy.

The Gattopardo Tactical ultra secure removable pocket utilizes the latest technology for RFID blocking.

Once a wireless device or RFID document is placed inside this blackout pocket it cannot be remotely accessed, hacked, scanned or cloned from any distance.

Conversations can not be picked intentionally or accidentally from your phone device as well.

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