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EXCLUSIVE, STS Parabellum, Tactical Suit -

In exclusive on soon the first and only "Specialized Tactical Suit" - (STS PARABELLUM) - designed for concealment and so for professional and tactical use. Yes, you have heard it right! A suit tailored around your needs. Super Affordable, super performing and super comfortable. Stay tuned and sign up!

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Thanks to the USCCA, is now offering access to self-defense insurance packages online and much more. Be responsible, be prepared, be guided, be assisted. protect your family protecting yourself. To find out more:

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Concealed Carry, Gattopardo Tactical,, Para Aramid jacket, Parabellum Jacket, Preorder, -

BE READY TO PREORDER YOUR GATTOPARDO PARABELLUM TACTICAL JACKET ! We are literally the bespoken of tactical wear but, our first ready to wear jacket is coming and it will be available for preorder soon. This model has been already tested on the field from some Elite European Special Police. Early bird will get extra % OFF on top of regular professional discount. Sign up for news! >> CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES AND SPECIFICATIONS <<

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